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Animal Totem Medicine Bags
According to the beliefs of many indigenous cultures, each animal possesses special powers or medicines which can be imparted to humans who understand and respect them.  This is based on the understanding that we are all connected - humans, animals and mother earth.
The medicine bag is a collection of spiritually charged items that serve as symbols of protection and healing, and is a powerful way of keeping the sacred with you at all times.  It can be worn around your neck as an amulet, tied onto other bags or clothing, hung in your car or somewhere in your home or office as a reminder that Spirit is with you always...


Ceremonial Rattles
Rattles have been used for centuries by many native peoples in ceremonies for healing, connecting with Spirit, and celebrations of all kinds.  These rattles are handmade, one-of-a-kind, and may be customized for each individual according to their needs.  Each part of the rattle is significant and the materials are chosen very intentionally.  Some ideas for using and caring for your unique rattle are included with your selection.



Spirit Jewelry
We offer an ever-expanding selection of jewelry, amulet bags, Nature's Magic pouches, and other gifts to enhance your personal journey.  Please check back often as our items will continue to rotate - choose those that call to you, or contact us and we will create something especially for you!
Items featured here include:   
  • Spiral of Life
  • turquoise - healing & intution
  • lapis - personal power & peace
  • coral - physical strength


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